Paws 'n Tails Cat Collars - Fashionable Accessories for the Kitty in Your Life

She loves animals and her family has two cats: Nine year old Gracie and ten year old Gibson. They adopted both from the SPCA as older adult cats. Gibson is a 14 lb longhaired Buff manx and is a truly faithful friend (they say manx are the dogs of the cat world). Gracie is also a longhaired Buff cat but non-manx (has a tail). They are both quite attached to staying in the house which is a good thing. Gracie does enjoy gazing outside at the birds and Gibson slinks out occasionally to munch on some grass before he darts back into the house. Both cats leave tremendous amounts of buff-colored hair all over the house and on their clothes. Paw's n Tails has become a compulsive vacuumer/lint-fur brusher.

She lives with her husband and three children on lovely Vancouver Island just a few blocks from the ocean - just loves the smell of the sea and that cool ocean breeze. They enjoy watching the deer munching on their plants in their front yard and watching eagles and herons fly overhead. It doesn't get much better than that!

Welcome to Paws 'n Tails, home of the fashionable line of soft, fabric cat collars and harnesses worn by discriminating felines worldwide.

All cat collars come in size regular 7-11" opening.
Available on request (on non-sale items) is size kitten 5-9" opening and mega kitty 9-13" opening. Just put a note in the 'message from buyer' as to the special size you need. Wholesale enquiries tickle her pink - just contact her for special pricing.

Have a look at her other shop "Boysenberry Lane" where she makes fun and quirky fleece fingerless gloves! It was also featured in this blog: "Boysenberry Lane - Fun, Fancy, Monster Fingerless Gloves and iPod Cases".

Location: Comox, British Columbia, Canada

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