Arthur Simo's Art Kingdom

His name is Arthur Simo, he is a teenager, born in 1992 and he has Autism. He loves to paint because he has fun creating each picture. He enjoys playing nintendo, watching movies and reading about sharks, space, the Universe, dinosaurs, aliens, Egypt and collecting fossils. He skates, rides horses and bikes. He is taking a Tai Kwon Do class and he is a green belt.

Autism is a "bio-neurological disorder that is observable in early childhood with symptoms of abnormal self-absorption, characterised by lack of response to other humans and by limited ability or disinclination to communicate and socialize. Other symptoms include avoiding eye contact, sensory integration dysfunction, and restricted and repetitive behaviors such as stims." []

What are Arthur's social issues? A good example is having difficulties keeping up with teenagers. He loves to talk about space, planets, sharks, dinosaurs, rocks, aliens and teenagers are interested in other things and they will bore him, just as he will bore them. Further his communication will connect with his behavior because he lacks the meaning of some words. This will get him in trouble sometimes at school when he asks the teacher if she does not know how to read his work.

Arthur is attending Hialeah High School and he is in 12th grade. He loves wood-shop and cooking. He belies in God and he attends church every Sunday. He speaks Spanish because his parents are Cubans.

Arthur invites you to look into his world full of art, because art is his life. In his paintings he will show you a vision of his own nature, into his pictures. He will paint as he imagines them, not as he sees them. He doesn't know any rules, because art for him is freedom. He invites you to see through his eyes and to discover the road to unlocking the mysteries of Autism.

Arthur's mother Adriana just opened up the "Simo's World" shop on Zazzle to promote Arthur's art. His paintings and drawings are displayed on mugs, t-shirts, aprons, cards, etc.

You can visit Arthur on Ebay and follow Adrianasimo on Twitter.

Location: Hialeah, Florida, USA

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simoart said...

Thanks for your post on Arthur's art, he read it with me and he is so happy, he wants to thank you for writing about him. You have done a great description about him and his art. Adriana

Cecile said...

You are welcome Adriana, I sincerely enjoyed writing about Arthur and getting to know him better.