Musings of a Mermaid - Mermaid Sea Glass and Larimar

Check out Kim's designs to see what goes through the mind of a mermaid!

She is a self – taught jewelry designer practicing since childhood. She loves working with stones and silver, and setting the lovely sea glass she so enjoys collecting. In many ways, she held onto that childhood whimsy of collecting shells, and scanning the surf, searching for elusive mermaids and glimpses of Neptune himself.

Her childhood on the Chesapeake Bay of Maryland and romps through the woods at her grandparent's homes inspired her jewelry style to a large extent. There she spent entire days searching the brackish beaches and marshes for treasures such as shells, driftwood, and beach glass. When she wasn’t out on the water, she was reading all sorts of folklore and mythology related to water, stones, and nature. She loves incorporating the natural world into her designs, and a good dose of mythology also!

Many of her designs spark thoughts of tranquil woodland pools, coastal bays, and the grandeur of the ocean.   Water is the element that makes our planet so special, and hopefully her creations will serve as a reminder to cherish, protect and respect our most precious resource.

Her little workshop in the enchanting woods of Stevenson, Maryland is the perfect location for tranquility and creativity. Kim works outdoors as often as possible, where the warm sun provides the ultimate in lighting and inspiration. It is very likely that your handcrafted piece was assembled right on the beach, or literally "in the water" via kayak! She has been known to take her bead box out in her kayak, or down to the surf with her!

Kim and her family collect all their own sea glass on the shores of the Chesapeake Bay and in Bermuda, though she's exctited to finally have time to start beach combing in new areas.

Her larimar comes directly from the Dominican Republic, all stones are cut by local artisans on the island.

She feels that gemstones are a gift from the Earth and God to bring us beauty and healing on all levels. The next time you wear your favorite gem, reflect for a moment to consider how you feel, it may just surprise you!

Please contact her with any requests for custom work through an Etsy convo or send her an email, she will do her best to help. For more information and pictures visit her Mermaid website at

She hopes you are inspired by her work, and that it brings you closer to your “inner mermaid or merman”.

Location: Stevenson, Maryland, USA

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