Kae's Creations - Handmade, Flexible, Plastic Soap and Wax Molds

Handmade, flexible, plastic molds created from Kea's own unique designs. Her molds can be used for soap, wax, crayons, plaster and resin. Because her molds are handmade, they are not mass produced commercial molds and are freshly made just for you in her home!

If you are looking for a design or a quantity and it is not listed in her store, please contact Kea's Creations through an Etsy convo to see if it is available. Because she has hundreds of mold designs, she rotates them in her shop.

Kea's Creations is a family owned business and it was started in 2005. They are proud to have reached their 5th Anniversary. What is so great about the United States of America is the ability to start a cottage industry doing the things you love and turn them into a successful business.

Kea's Creations can help you create your own business by incorporating their molds into the things you love, whether it is soap, wax, crayons, resin, plaster or cement.

Or you can use the molds to create projects for children and adults to be creative in child care centers, family home child cares, preschools, elementary schools, homeschooling/home educated homes, camps, community centers and retirement homes.

Their unique plastic molds are reusable and flexible made from 030 polystyrene plastic, which can be used for many different mediums including soap, wax, crayons, resin, plaster and cement. Because the plastic is not FDA approved, it cannot be used for food. Since the molds are handmade, they are not mass produced commercial molds and are freshly made just for you. No sheets of molds are being made because each is being cut out individually. To assist with pouring, Kea suggests you balance the molds using the rims on bowls, cups, or disposable plastic containers or in tubs of rice, beans or sand if they do not have flat bottoms.

Location: Vancouver, Washington, USA

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