Dutch Felt Art - Felt Made with Love and Passion

Monique Smelik believes that beautiful things can be made with materials straight from mother nature. She enjoys working with fibers and mix them up to create ooak felted items. Additionally she dyes silk and other fibers to get wonderful combinations and material mixes.
She makes all items with love and great pleasure finding her greatest inspiration in her daughter.

The process of wet felting although very intensive is also very relaxing and while she is working on a piece, almost always new ideas pop up. Monique compares working with fibers with painting. Both make life natural and beautiful.

Monique started experimenting with fibers years ago. First she began with spinning fibers and later she developed her passion for felting. Felting has many things in common with painting; it is therapeutic and yet abstract objects can be made. Up until last year she was teaching many felting workshops.

Her DutchFeltArt stores on Etsy and Artfire are the places where pure natural handfelted and hand dyed products can be found. As the Etsy Mini pictures demonstrate, Monique specializes in wet felting, needle felting and crazy wool techniques. Her mission is to make unique things with natural materials (fibers, nunofelt, silk, textiles) and she loves to experiment with mixed media.

All items are original designs by Monique Smelik and she welcomes custom orders.

Feel free to follow DutchFeltArt on Twitter, on Flickr or visit Monique's Dutch Felting Art website.

Location: Zierikzee, The Netherlands

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Dutchfeltart said...

Hi Mara,
Thanks so much for including me in your Crafters and Artisans Directory!