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Her name is Laura Bartlett and she has been creating art since she had her first art show at the age of five. Crayola never looked better on her Grandma's dining room wallpaper. Grandma said she would grow up to be an artist.

Laura taught art in public school for a while, but quit to pursue her own art. She had been making dolls for several years. A documentary on Ray Harryhausen helped her develop her dollmaking technique of working from the inside out on her pieces. She creates a wire armature, wraps it with yarn, builds up the muscles with batting and skin the piece by hand sewing fabric over the surface.
Her jewelry is made by beading over covered cord.

She has a minor cerebral palsy that affects her right hand and leg so she had to come up with a way to work somewhat one handed. Laura can hold things in her right hand but that's about it. She uses handcast resin eyes in both her dolls and jewelry work. Her interest in mythology, history and fantasy is evident in her work.

Laura is willing to make custom pieces. Please feel free to contact her with ideas through conversations in her Le Chat Noir Studios' Etsy shop.

Her husband MJ Bivouac is adding his work to the Chat Noir. He is an illustrator and sculptor and he is known online for his pin-up and erotic art work. He has also worked in motion picture effects. He makes the epoxy eyes from the Chat Noir line.

Laura recently started to write a blog named "Twisted Beauty" where she regularly posts thoughts on art dolls and celebrates the strange and unique.

In the interview "Spotlight Feature #25 - Laura Bartlett" which Laura gave to Sara's Texture Crafts on March 5th 2008, Laura states the two most important skills as a doll maker as having a basic understanding of anatomy and having basic hand sewing skills.

Le Chat Noir Studios specializes in fantasy, and mythological art dolls, plush and fabric fantasy animals, Cthulhu monsters, beaded and hand painted jewelry, pin up art and illustrations. She also does custom work like logos and one of a kind pieces.

Le Chat Noir is a proud member of the Freethinkers Street Team and she runs a smoke-free, cat friendly studio. You can also follow ChatNoirsMeow on Twitter.

Location: Lancaster, California, USA

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Laura Bartlett said...

Thank you for featuring me!