Mamacateyes - Where Crafting Isn't a Hobby, It's a Passion

She is the mother of two children, has a husband, two dogs, several sewing machines, a pile of fabric overtaking her living room and stacks of paper dominating her bedroom. A lot of people ask Jana why the name "mamacateyes"? Well her natural eye color is a yellow green much like a cat's eye and being a mom is a HUGE part of her life hence mamacateyes.

Crafting is and for the most part has always been her sanity. Jana began with her grandmother teaching her how to sew and crochet when she was about seven years old and continued off and on from there. Most of what she has learned however has been self-taught either by trial and error or very careful reading in magazines and on the internet.

Over the past few years Jana has discovered a PASSION if you will for quilting and developed a fabric addiction. She does a lot of late night crafting making baskets and crochet in the dark so as not to keep the rest of the house awake (she may be determined to go blind this way.) She is a multitasker A+ meaning she MUST have three or more projects going on at once or she can't function.

Besides her handmade creations she also sells craft supplies. However, she absolutely LOVES doing the baskets and she hopes that you enjoy her pieces too. Always feel free to convo her through her Etsy shop and ask questions about how to's, commissions, and the meaning of life. She probably can't help you on the last but she can give you a good opinion and the other two she is always up for helping with.

She is currently taking custom orders on baskets in case you have something specific in mind for the upcoming holiday season. Remember to check back often as she is always trying to add new items.

She updates her blog "Hugs, Cuddles and Love" ( several times a month featuring additional pictures of her creations and "random musings of a multitasker, former comic shop owner, mother of two, seamstress and a small craft business woman".

Follow mamacateyes on Twitter, become a Fan of mamacateyes on Facebook or check out her wonderful pictures on Flickr.

Location: Murray, Utah, USA

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