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She never really planned to make jewelry…it just sort of happened. What was once an occasional hobby has become an ever-increasing addiction to beads and the desire to make what Deb considers little pieces of art for people to wear. She has always liked to work with her hands and would consider herself a creative person but it wasn’t until she discovered jewelry making that she was able to find her “niche” in the art world.

By day Deb lives in the corporate world. She humors herself with multi-colored file folders, sticky notes and random pictures on the walls….it helps to liven up an otherwise small, gray cubicle. After hours, making jewelry has become her creative outlet and true passion.

She gets her inspiration from many things…magazines, celebrities, walking by a random stranger, a shopping spree, a new haircut and perhaps even nature now and again. Sometimes it’s nothing more than necessity… Deb just NEEDs to have the perfect pair of earrings to go with that shirt! "I never know when the creative urge will strike me but when it does, it’s a wonderful thing" she says.

With beads you have so many different colors, shapes and sizes. They can change for the seasons, for your style or your mood. The possibilities are endless and so is her desire to constantly create new and unique pieces of jewelry.

Most of Deb's jewelry is one of a kind or very limited quantities. If you see something you like in the sold section please feel free to ask about availability. She can usually make something similar if she has the supplies on hand.

Deb makes every attempt to take clear pictures that reflect accurate colors of each piece of jewelry so you will not be surprised when you receive your order. Dimensions and materials used are also listed. Should you have any questions or concerns before ordering, please convo her through her Bella Lilly Designs store and she will do her best to assist you.

Deb admits that she would love to make a special piece of jewelry just for you. If you see something you like in her shop and would like some modifications (longer/shorter length, different clasp or ear wire, maybe a different color or perhaps combining two pieces to create a whole new look!) get in touch with her regarding your request and she will see what she can come up with!

Please contact her with any questions, comments, requests, concerns or just to say hello via email

Location: Arundel, Maine, USA

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