Crochetgal's Wearable Art, Affordable Yarns and Handcrafted Soap Dishes

Although she learned the art of crochet as a teenager in the 70s, it fell by the wayside as Crochetgal's life adventure took its path.

It resurfaced again at the start of the new millenium with one little Winnie the Pooh for a friend's grandchild as a Christmas gift. Before Winnie could even be delivered to that little one, friends were asking to purchase Winnie from her. Little did she know that it would eventually turn into a small business. Within a few years, Crochetgal was trying various methods of crochet, along with different pattern designs and before long she was actually designing a few simple pieces.

Currently, she is a crochet professional working in the industry. She loves to work with any type of materials. Her philosophy is that "If it can be stranded, it can be crocheted with." Many of Crochetgal's items are of her own crochet design, some of which have been featured in major publications. Her passion is using antique and exploded lace techniques. Most of her wearables are one of a kind pieces. She is always looking for fresh, new ideas so if there is something that you would like her to make, please get in touch. She enjoys a challenge and as long as she has a picture to go by, she can usually make the item.

Crochetgal is an 'out of the closet' yarnaholic and just cannot pass up a good bargain. Crochetgal is involved in the collector car hobby in her spare time and can occasionally be spotted at various car shows and racetracks around the state.

Crochetgal loves to design and to share her crocheted creations with the rest of the world. As the Etsy Mini pictures indicate, each piece is made with the utmost attention paid to details. All wearables are individually numbered and logged.

All yarns that she sells are new, coming directly from the manufacturer. If there is a yarn that you like but it is not in the right colour or if you need a different quantity please contact her through her Etsy shop

The soapdishes are made at Crochetgal's and her partners shop from selected hardwoods. Should a different quantity of soapdishes be required other than what is listed in the shop, that can be arranged as well.

Crochetgal can usually be found at many of the various art and craft shows in the Phoenix area throughout the year.

Crochetgal is a proud member of:
- The Crochet Guild of America (CGOA)
- The EtsyHookers Etsy team!!
- Team SASsy (Sellers Assisting Sellers)
- EtsyFast (Etsy Fiber Arts team)!
- CreateCrochet Team!
- Member of the Altruism on Etsy team

Crochetgal believes that 'What you sow, so shall ye reap'. She heartily supports the local Project Linus group and believes that every child needs a blanket to call their own. A donation is made to the local Project Linus group each month.
Other local charities are also supported as the need arises.

More of her work can be found at Flickr by crochetgal (if you see something you like on Flickr she can list it for you), she blogs under "Crochetgal's Confessions of a Yarnaholic" and she tweets as Crochetgal.

As a certified yarnaholic she operates a small yarn buying group. The group is open to anyone wishing to purchase beautiful yarns at great prices.

Location: Phoenix, Arizona, USA

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KeriAnne said...

Great article! And what a talented crochet artist!