Dough Ditties - Joyful Expressions of Life

When I was a kid, I used to make dough ornaments and I was thinking maybe this is something I would like to get back into again. I started to wonder if there is somebody who is already selling dough ornaments on Etsy and this is how I found Dough Ditties.

She began making character dolls of papier mache in the 1970's. Being "Mother-Earthers" in college, Mary Sell and her husband bought 50 acres of land and became homesteaders living 15 years without any electricity or water, raising their now 27 year old son. From there, the they became full-time crafters making and selling bread dough ornaments at shows throughout the midwest. After a break of over 15 years, she started making bread dough ornaments and dolls again in 2007.

In an INCrowdTeam Interview "Mary Sell aka Dough Ditties" published March 21 2009 Mary recounts the origin of her store's name "Dough Ditties" and how she began crafting as a child.
The question of what inspires her, she answered: "Color and life inspire me, and faces with expression. I'm not sure how some ideas come to mind, but I get a picture in my head and just want to try it."

Bread dough ornaments are the basic salt dough recipe, painted with acrylic paint and India ink, then dipped in gloss polyurethane for a protective finish, doll heads and hands are handshaped from a mixture of white bread and glue, most doll accessories are also handmade, dresses are fabric and lace.

Each handcrafted ornament is made with care and attention to detail. Mary's hope is that the customer is more delighted with the work when they hold it in their hand than when viewed on the Etsy mini image.

Shaping flour, salt and water into human (or somewhat human) form, adding lively faces, fun accessories, and bright colors - this is what she loves to do! Please visit her store and browse through her assortment of little "ditties" (ornaments, jewelry, and dolls).

For a unique keepsake that can't be found on any retail shelf, please contact Mary with your idea for a custom ornament. She has yet to be presented with a challenge she can't meet, from a middle-aged woman with a pierced navel wearing a She-Ra cape to a young boy with his pet beta fish to bagpiping highland cattle.

She also personalizes standard ornaments at no extra charge (i.e., name, year, sports uniform number). Indicate details with your order.

She enjoys sharing her techniques, so please visit her blog "Dough Ditties - Joyful Expressions of Life" for tips on making dough art, updates on works in progress, and examples of custom orders. Her personal website is located at where many more pictures of her work can be found.

Mary is a proud member of the INCrowdteam and recommends their blog "The IN Crowd - Indiana’s Etsy Street Team"  and its Twitter EtsyINCrowdteam.

Location: West Lafayette, Indiana, USA

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