Loveclay - Handmade Polymer Clay Crafts and Jewelry

Her name is Sarah, she is 18 and she uses her Loveclay Etsy shop to help her save for college. She sells polymer clay jewelry ad crafts. She has always loved arts and crafts. As a kid she was always doing something creative. In high school she took six classes of art including AP Art. Someone asked her what got her started on making things out of clay, and when she really thought about it she realized it was because she saw someones blog with tutorials on how to make beads and it seemed easy enough to roll some clay in a ball, poke a hole to make a bead and bake, voila! It started out as cheap stocking stuffers for Christmas for her sisters but soon she realized the possibilities are endless and that was what she really loves about it.

Each of Sarah's pieces are handcrafted. She is open to customizing pieces so just send her an email:

She really like robots :) She has always loved Star Wars. R2-D2 was her favorite along with C-3PO coming in a close second. She wanted to come up with a new type of robot so that is what she did with her Loveclay Etsy shop. She also has some mini robots that are a bit more traditional and would compliment a charm bracelet or necklace very well. Sarah has recently made her robots into smaller versions for earrings and cell phone charms. She is hoping to sell more robots so she can expand more into a new direction.

Sarah (just like the rest of us [knits4kids]) wishes Etsy would feature more polymer clay artists and she hopes that someday she will make it on the Etsy front page.

Please also look at Loveclay's blog where she features items. So submit yours!
You can follow LoveClay4 on Twitter, fan Loveclay on Facebook or add Sarah's Flickr.

Location: Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA

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Anonymous said...

oh this is lovely thank you so much!

Cindy Lietz, Polymer Clay Tutor said...

Sarah's work is so cute! It would be nice to see her's (and more polymer clay artists' work or that matter) on the front page in Etsy.

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