Sweet Treats... Indulge without the calories..... SV. Soaps

She has been a soap maker since 1997. Soap making is her obsession and her passion. She loves to put a lot of creativity into each batch she makes. In her Etsy store she offers handmade luxurious spa quality artisan soaps with artistic flair...

Many people ask what inspires her in her soap designs... so many things. She loves to bake and she gets many great ideas for her soaps from deserts. She enjoys making soaps look good enough to be eaten but eaten and absorbed by your skin. Leaving your skin soft as a baby's you know what....(lol) :)

All products by SV Soaps are made by cold process. They are made in small batches by hand and scratch from start to finish. She only uses the finest vegetable oils, fragrances, and essential oils. All of her products are Vegan. They have a wonderful creamy lather and they leave your skin soft and refreshed, hungry for more.

All of her soaps, lip balms, body butters/scrubs, and bath bombs are made with highest quality ingredients and fragrances and/or essential oils. She captures your senses with the wonderful scents of Guava Fig, Pear Pazzaz and Papaya Mango. Or try the wonderfully creamy lip balm flavors Tutti Fruiti, Tropical Punch and Mango.

You can also order soaps directly from her own SV.Soaps website or check out her wonderful blog "Indulgence - by SV.Soaps".

Location: Nampa, Idaho, USA

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